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Aerothermal & Photovoltaics

We approach energy efficiency projects in a comprehensive manner and we have the capacity to generate significant savings both in the area of electricity generation and by generating heating and cooling.

We have a business line focused on the design, start-up and maintenance of photovoltaic projects, both for self-consumption and connected to the network, and aimed at the residential, agricultural and industrial sectors.

The start-up of this type of installation makes it possible to cover a high percentage of electrical energy needs and even in isolated places to provide technical solutions to cover key needs such as lighting, pumping and the like.

Photovoltaic solar hybridization together with the start-up of a geothermal or aerothermal heat pump allows projects to be made much more efficient, being able in certain cases to make buildings totally independent at an energy level and have practically zero consumption.

Technology and current energy costs have made it possible to bring to the table solutions that until recently were unthinkable.

A photovoltaic installation with batteries focused on self-consumption and in those places where there is no connection to the grid, allows us to accumulate surplus production and take advantage of it at times when there is no solar energy.

Achieving energy independence and being able to be totally self-sufficient at reasonable prices has never been so close.

In turn, we have a line of work focused exclusively on the implementation of projects through aerothermal heating pumps.

Aerothermal is an air conditioning system that allows us to generate heat and cold and, in turn, produce hot water for both homes and larger buildings such as hotels or similars.

This type of energy carries out heat exchange with the atmosphere and is a very efficient solution since this exchange is carried out with a very high seasonal performance.

An aerothermal installation consists mainly of two elements: an outdoor unit that looks like a traditional air conditioning machine and the indoor unit that is located inside the technical room, and which is where the air conditioning installations start from: either a terminal element radiant floor type or fan coil type.

When comparing an aerothermal heat pump with respect to a geothermal heat pump, there are several differences, but in order to highlight a main and differentiating element, it is that aerothermal technology depends on the outside temperature and the performance will be greater when this temperature does not be so extreme