Geothermal Well Services

GeoIndustry has a team of professionals who have carried out tasks of preparation, planning and implementation of projects for the oil, gas and geothermal industry.

We have operated in countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, among many others, and worked with leading international service companies and operators within the sector.

Our technical team focuses on the following areas;

Nuestro equipo técnico se centra en las siguientes áreas; 

  • Well design service
  • Well structure and cost estimation.
  • Drilling service
  • Well repair & acidification or stimulation of geothermal wells.

Well Design Service

  1. Design and Analysis of Trajectories.
  2. Design and Analysis of Drilling Strings.
  3. Cementation and simulation design.
  4. Torque and Drag Simulation.
  5. Analysis of Loads and Coating Design.
  6. Analysis of Operational Times, TNP: TNPV, TNPI and Technical Limit.
  7. Operational procedure by phases and identification of opportunities for the recommendation of best operational practices.
  8. Identification of risks and establish contingency plans in phases.
  9. Estimation of times by phases based on the cost structure of the field and estimation of costs by drilling phases.
  10. Determination of materials and equipment by phases of the well.
  11. Completion & lifting equipment.

Drilling Services

Careful planning is essential for any drilling operation as it will not only minimize costs, but also reduce unexpected risks. A drilling plan should include and define all the activities necessary to complete the well, its detailed costs, respective times, and should give sufficient descriptions of the individual tasks to clarify the sequence in which it should be performed.

For drilling works we have a Hoist type AK 60 equipment, belonging to the Russian manufacturer FRUNZE.

The rig is designed for drilling wells to a depth of up to 2,500 meters (8.202 feet).

The lifting capacity is up to 80 tons and allows to avoid emergency situations without involving higher capacity equipment.

The platform is designed to work in extremely cold temperatures down to minus 55 ° C.

Its versatility, ease of assembly and extreme hardness, is ideal to face projects where agility is required in the execution of the works and to access remote places where it is difficult to implement large drilling platforms.

Well repair, acidification and stimulation

Well services are carried out with the purpose of correctly harnessing the energy of the reservoir, as well as eliminating mechanical problems that prevent its production and extending the useful life of a well, which implies the reconditioning and start-up of different procedures.

  • Acid or non-acid matrix stimulations
  • Coil tubing stimulation,
    Hydraulic and / or acid fractures.
  • Gravel packing
  • Formation shot (cannonade)
  • Change of producer intervals
  • Reentries
  • Installation and replacement of ESP or LSP pumps
  • Casing anomaly correction
  • Polymeric cleaning and damage removal with tools
  • Fishing tools
  • Inductions with air or fluids
  • Maintenance of superficial connections (Wellheads)

Rig AK-60 characteristics 

  • Wheelbase, Chassis KrAZ-63221-01 (6×6)
  • Nominal lifting capacity, 600 kN, 60 tonnes
  • Maximum lifting capacity (during releasing of stuck pipes), 800 kN 80 tons
  • Power of winch drive, 165.4 kW
  • Lifting speed, 0.21 – 1.6 m/s
  • Derrick height from ground to crown block axis, 20 meters
  • Rotor table opening diameter, 360mm
  • Rotor P-165 aperture diameter, 165mm
  • Static load on the rotor table, 800 kN, 80 tons
  • Hydraulically actuated rotor power, 80 kW
  • Rotational speed, 20 – 100 rpm
  • Overall dimensions in transport position, 16.5 meters long x 3.2 meters wide x 4.5 meters high
  • Total weight of the platform in assembly, 34.2 tons
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