Heat through geothermal

The heat "generation"

We are focused on the use of geothermal energy and its applications derived from heat within Industrial and Agricultural Uses.

The Team

We cover the entire value chain of a direct-use geothermal heat project; Initial economic/technical studies, permitting, exploration and drilling of the geothermal resource, plant engineering and construction, distribution, management / conservation of the reservoir and closing of heat purchase agreements.

We have immediate capacity to execute projects in Spain, Turkey, Mexico, the Central American Region, Chile and Peru.

Who are we addressing

Energy end users who use large amounts of thermal energy in their industrial processes.

Ceramic and cement companies, stained glass, distillers, industrial drying or pasteurization processes, fish farms, greenhouses, desalination, chemical or paper plants, among others.


We have a great international background and the experience of having promoted and technically assisted various geothermal greenhouse heat projects.

For the start-up of these type of projects, we exclusively implement international best practices derived from traditional geothermal electrical development that provides a unique seal of quality.

Unique benefits

First of all, economical, since geothermal heat is the most profitable and it’s not subject to energy market fluctuations. Secondly, the customer controls the supply of the resource, which gives it total energy independence. Thirdly, geothermal heat is available 24/7 and Lately, it allows adding value to products by involving a 100% renewable resource in its industrial or agricultural process.

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