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What is Geothermal Direct Use

Direct Use Geothermal consists of harnessing geothermal energy found at shallower depths, less than 1 km deep.

Geothermal generation for electricity production is only harnessing 7% of the world’s geothermal resources, but what about the geothermal resource for heat generation available at shallower depths?

Regarding the temperatures necessary for the start-up of geothermal projects for direct use, it depends on the temperature at which the water is found, but in a generic way it is around 60ºC and 80ºC, and may be higher in certain places.

GeoIndustry, specialist in Geothermal Direct Use projects

The first stage of the project consists of the location of the geothermal resource, interpretation and definition of where it must be drilled.

Within the characterization the following elements are considered;

.- Geology

.- Geophysics

.- Geochemistry

.- Hydrogeology

Once we have all this information, we interpret it and generate a 3D model of the reservoir.

Finally, it’s the moment to define where to drill. This decision jointly agreed among all the thermal areas that have worked together.

Shallow Geothermal Well Drilling

Taking off a Direct Use Geothermal project demands two drillings, one is called extraction well and the other one is the injection well.

Depending on where our geothermal reservoir is located, these drillings are more or less shallow.

Another key issue to be evaluated is the existing geothermal gradient in the area.

The separation between both drillings is a crucial element that must be studied very carefully since we could cool our own geothermal resource.

GeoIndustry is a specialist in drilling geothermal wells

Geothermal Heat Transport

It is likely that where we have drilled our wells, a series of pipes will have to be built to where our thermal power plant will be located.

It is very important to evaluate the distances and flows obtained.

These type of pipes can be installed exposed or buried.

Geothermal energy is 100% renewable since once we have used the energy contained in our original resource, we return it to its original aquifer, which will naturally reheat the heat transfer fluid.

Geothermal Thermal Plant

A geothermal thermal power plant differs a lot from a power plant.

It consists of pipes, heat exchangers, circulating pumps and control elements.

Taking advantage directly from the resource has a lot of pros and for this reason, the efficiency is so high and the investment costs are much lower compared to a power plant.

The maintenance of this type of thermal power plants is low and almost the entire process is automated and electronically monitored.

Geothermal Direct Use Applications

Direct use geothermal use has a large number of applications.

.- Heating for Greenhouses

.- Pasteurization processes, food drying and beer production

.- Aquaculture and its application in Fish Farms

.- District Heating or District Heating

.- Balneology

Can my Company or Industry take advantage of Direct Use geothermal energy?

In order to develop a Geothermal Direct Use project, you must first evaluate the geological conditions of the area where your company or industry is located.

Worldwide there are a number of geographical areas where surface aquifers have been identified and where direct geothermal energy can be implemented.

In most countries in both Central and South America, this type of geothermal resource is found at very shallow depths, between 300 and 800 meters.

GeoIndustry already has a presence in Chile, Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Caribbean region.

If your company or Industry is interested in the development of a Direct Use Project, please contact us

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