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Geothermal Well Drilling Courses

GeoIndustry has more than 20 years of experience within the world of drilling and the result of this experience allows us to teach a series of deep well drilling courses.

In order to comprehensively address training within the various areas, we have created OCTOPUS ACADEMIA, an educational platform, e-learning, focused on the area of Drilling including; geothermal wells, offshore wells, oil&gas wells, water wells, and complementary services of Geology and Geophysics.

Geothermal Drilling Software

Courses are delivered using Wellplan and Compass professional drilling software.

They have a duration of 10 practical hours and consist of 6 modules plus a section where a series of practical cases is described.

  • Module; Torque and Drag
  • Module; Hydraulics
  • Module; Well Control 
  • Module 4; Stuck Pipe
  • Module 5; Cementation
  • Module 6; Swab & Surge
  • Analysis of practical cases

Attending Geothermal Courses

The courses are aimed at professionals with a medium level of experience and special introductory courses could also be given to those who wish to acquire a basic knowledge or wish to join the world of drilling.

Engineers, Drillers, Team Managers and all those companies from the world of Oil & Gas, geothermal and water well drilling companies, can take the courses

The courses are taught by the Petroleum Engineers Eloy Monasterio and Yonatan Castellano (you can access to their professional profiles and experience by clicking on this link).

The courses are taught through the Microsoft Teams platform and all sessions are recorded so that attendees can review the entire course again.

There is also the possibility of conducting the training in person.

Availability, timetable and registration

The courses are established for a minimum of five and a maximum of ten people, our main premise is that the content should be agile and that the attendees are continuously interacting.

The main language is in Spanish and when setting the schedules we can adapt to the needs of the attendees but since most attendees come from the LATAM region we usually establish during the first hours, starting at 9:00 a.m., Mexico time .

Taylor-made Geothermal Drilling Courses and Services

GeoIndustry provides both drilling services within the Geothermal and Oil & Gas industries as well as tailor-made training courses.

Within drilling services our technical team focuses on four main areas;

  • Well structure and cost estimation.
  • Well design focused service.
  • Well drilling service.
  • Well repair & acidification or stimulation of geothermal wells.

Regarding the training courses, we have experience in expanding the topics presented and adapting it to the levels and needs required by any interested company.

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