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GeoIndustry, specialists in Geothermal Heating Pumps

GeoIndustry has a line of work focused exclusively on energy efficiency through the implementation of projects of renewable origin and among which are geothermal heat pumps.

We are living a process of internacional development and we are already implementing our services in Spain, Chile, Peru, Mexico and the Central American region; Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

GeoIndustry personel have more than 10 years of experience in top-level European multinationals where we have designed, implemented and maintained exclusively geothermal heat pump projects such as;

  • Facilities with an air conditioning area of more than 20,000 m2.
  • Road de-icing projects.
  • Large industrial facilities.
  • Large residential housing complexes serving more than 100 homes in the same project.
  • Hybrid projects including geothermal exchangers in foundations and thermoactive walls.
  • Single Family Homes

Geothermal Systems Types

Vertical loops or Boreholes

In countries like Spain they are the most traditional systems that are used the most (picture on the right). Its depth varies depending on the energy needs of the place to be heated, but in Spain it is usually around 100/150 meters and allows us to exchange the heat energy between the subsoil and the heat transfer fluid that circulates on the probes (black pipes in the image ).

Horizontal borehole or closed systems

This type of system consists of the installation of probes forming a series of circuits at a depth of about 1.5 m, separated between 30 and 80 cm. One of the drawbacks of this modality is that a large area of ​​land and a greater length of pipe are required to carry out the transmission of energy.

Open Systems

In those places where the water is at a reasonable depth, we can take advantage of the existing aquifer and a so-called doublet is made, that is, a well from which the water is extracted and another well where the water is returned to its original aquifer. 

Geothermal Thermoactive structures or piles

This type of system is implemented in reinforced concrete structures with special foundations such as “piles”, “screens” or “slabs” and allows us to save on drilling as we take advantage of existing structures

Open Geothermal System

GeoIndustry is developing geothermal open geothermal projects.

An open geothermal system, through a geothermal heat pump, consists of taking advantage of the most superficial water, through the drilling of shallow wells for the joint generation of heat, cold and sanitary hot water.

A geological study is carried out in order to evaluate the hydrogeological characteristics of the subsoil layers, two perforations are then carried out, an extraction well and an injection well, or more depending on the needs of the building and the technical room.

A little-known technology that will gain prominence in the coming years are the so-called ATES.

Aquifer thermal energy storage systems, ATES, is a technology to provide space heating and cooling in a sustainable and economical way, offering the possibility of storing heat and cold in an aquifer.

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Geothermal Heating Pumps

After years of experience in the international geothermal sector, GeoIndustry installs CLAUISUS geothermal heat pumps.

Main advantages;

  • Integrate climate control. Allowing the production of heating, cooling and domestic hot water produce in a single installation.
  • Passive cooling. Allowing passive cooling production with extremely low energy consumption and cost.
  • Low noise. Do not require noisy fans and do not generate air drafts. All their components are silent and sound insulated inside the case.
  • Easy to use. The pumps are controlled with simple thermostats and do not require any user interaction, providing a great comfort.
  • Clean and safe. They do not require any type of fuel and do not generate flames or smoke, so they do not need fuel storage tanks or chimneys.
  • Do not require installation of elements in the outside, no visual impact. All its components are buried or inside the building, therefore they do not require elements in the outside. They do not cause any kind of visual impact.
  • Reliability. Installations with ground source heat pumps require minimal maintenance and have a long life by using a simple, proven, known and very reliable technology.
  • Energy efficiency and economic savings. ErPA+++ rating. They provide by far more energy efficiency than traditional systems and other types of heat pumps, so the cost of heating is drastically reduced, achieving significant savings.

Geothermal Fish Farms

One of the great advantages that geothermal heat pumps offer is the realization of installations in fish farms.

This type of installation can be approached through the traditional vertical loops or sea water can be used in order to make the installation even more efficient, obtaining higher COP (coefficient of performance).

In this particular installation (photo), seawater is captured and conducted through a series of pipes, pumps, and heat exchangers. The water is heated through a series of heat pumps in a cascade installation with a total of 12 CLAUSIUS Strong Tandem, 150 kW units each, with a total capacity of 1800 kW.

The pools where the salmon are located are heated to 15ºC and once the exchange heating process has been carried out, the water captured from the sea is reinjected back to its place of origin.

Geothermal Services

When facing a geothermal heat pump installation, six stages are faced;

  1. Design & Calculation of the installation.
  2. Permit obtainment.
  3. Drilling.
  4. Installation of Technical Room.
  5. Internal distribution system.
  6. Final commissioning.

When making a budget, the following factors must be considered;

  1. Geological conditions of the terrain
  2. Available space for drilling
  3. Energy needs of the building or buildings to be air-conditioned
  4. Hours of use of the facility
  5. Hybridization with other types of
  6. systems
  7. Available incentives


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