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Drilling & Workover Geothermal Wells

Geothermal Direct Uses

Renewable Energy Efficiency

The Heat "Generation"

We are a group of international professionals with more than fifteen years of experience within the geothermal area and renewable energy efficiency sector.

We are already developing projects in Spain, Mexico, the Central American and Caribbean Region, Chile and Peru.

Working Areas

We are focussed on three main areas;

1.- High temperature Geothermal Well Drilling and Workover services.

2.- Medium temperature Geothermal thermal projects for Industrial and Agricultural applications.
3.- Development of energy efficiency projects through the use of Geothermal & Aerothermal heating pumps and Photovoltaics.

High Temperature Geothermal Wells

Designing and Drilling of high temperature geothermal wells

Workover and Stimulation of geothermal wells

Own developed Geothermal set tools for Completion and Maintenance wells

Drilling Courses

Agricultural and Industrial
Geothermal Direct Uses

We have promoted and provided technical assistance to two medium-temperature geothermal projects for heating greenhouses in Spain and Mexico.

The result of this experience is a self-developed model focused on geothermal heat projects that has allowed us to know the necessary tasks to tackle a project in the most efficient way including;  economic costs, times, and we are already replicating this model at an international level.

Taking advantage of the shallowest depths means that your drilling works are faster, at around 1.000 meters or so, and the estimated working temperatures are around 80ºC, depending on the comercial application. 

A cascade utilization allows to supply several clients with different thermal needs, which allows to accelerate the returns on investment.

Aerothermal Photovoltaics

We develop renewable energy projects focused on electricity and thermal savings through:

Geothermal and Aerothermal heating pump projects.

Photovoltaic projects both connected to the network and oriented to self-consumption.