Scalability, replicability and ROI

After many years of experience in the geothermal power sector, the approach provided by GeoIndustry is a scalable and replicable development of a geothermal reservoir trying to avoid the traditional risk associated to power plants, drilling at shallower depths and analyzing he geothermal resource with the same guarantees.

These elements allow us to shorten the start-up time, making the project more attractive from a financial point of view. Once the conditions of the geothermal resource have been verified, the possibilities of expanding the thermal plant are innumerable.

Key elements

We have our own business model that minimizes technical risks and accelerates the return of investment as much as possible.

There are three key elements on which an investment of these characteristics pivots; the size of the thermal plant that varies depending on the geological conditions, the number of working hours that is open to the type of development that we are implementing and the cost of the energy that varies depending on the place where the heat plants are put into operation.

ROI maximization

Another key element within these type of investments is the possibility of reaching more than one client through the same project, implementing a cascade development.

Once the resource is extracted at a certain temperature, we can provide end clients with different temperature needs and therefore accelerate the returns of investment.



GeoIndustry has certain projects in which the client or end clients are not in a position to assume certain level of initial investment, but they have the thermal needs and are located in favorable locations from a geological point of view for the implementation of these type of projects.

A pre-PPA heat purchase agreement is signed with all these clients where the preliminary conditions of the project are established.