Oil & Gas

Synergies Oil & Gas/Geothermal

Geothermal energy has countless synergies within the oil and gas sector. Resource identification, drilling tasks, common technologies and highly qualified personnel can be all combined to detect opportunities in a barely exploited sector.

All these elements along with the current recession in the oil world, point to a unity that can be combined in the most efficient way.

Win - Win

We join forces with companies from the Oil & Gas sector throughout the process of a project and together we address these type of developments.

In fact, there are already several multinationals in the Oil & Gas world which are getting involved in the geothermal field.

International experience

Our experience allows us to tackle the entire initial phase of obtaining permits, giving full guarantees from a technical point of view and subsequently undertake the investigation, drilling, design and execution of the heat plant.

For the start-up of these type of projects, GeoIndustry exclusively implements international best practices derived from traditional power geothermal development that provides a unique seal of quality.

When it comes to O&M tasks and unlike wind and solar energy, geothermal fields require a more careful approach. Once the drilling campaign has been carried out, the physicochemical characteristics of the field are altered and the reservoir will try to reach a new state of equilibrium, so the implementation of a careful chemical monitoring work is considered key.