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Business development

GeoIndustry is made up of a group of international professionals who have more than 15 years of experience within the international geothermal energy sector. We are already developing projects in Spain, Mexico, the Central American Region, Chile and Peru.


Abraham Ormad

Director / global BUSINESS DEVELOPER

Abraham is the founder of GeoIndustry and focuses his work on the Business Development area, accumulating more than 15 years of experience within the international geothermal sector.

He has developed part of his professional career in the Spanish multinational Sacyr Industrial as a business developer within the geothermal area, being one of the main promoters of the Laguna Colorada plant in Bolivia. In addition, he has been involved in projects with leading global geothermal companies in countries such as Portugal, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Chile, Kenya and Spain (Tenerife).


Ostin Solis


Ostin is an Industrial Electrical Engineer from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, UNAH. He is a facilitator of the program to promote the Direct Uses of Geothermal in Central America and a he works as well as an university professor in the Energy Engineering career at UNITEC.

He has experience in the management of renewable energy projects, energy audits (ISO 9001, 14000, 14064, 22000 and 50000), energy efficiency projects and has managed the electrical maintenance of geothermal projects for one of the most important geothermal energy companies in Central America and internationally.



Geothermal Resource Identification

The geology team is in charge of identifying, characterizing, modeling and defining the most optimal places where the geothermal resource should be exploited.


Rodrigo Félix


Rodrigo is a Geological Engineer from the National Polytechnic Institute of Mexico, has nine years of experience in the area of geothermal exploration, geophysics, geology, databases, geographic information systems, information analysis and development of conceptual models and he has experience working in Mexico and USA.

He has worked for the most important geothermal exploration companies in Mexico, developing research tasks, information analysis, acquisition of MT in field, interpretation, analysis and interpretation of magnetic data, digitization, modeling, maps, plant projections on MT and geological databases, and has experience in modeling geothermal wells.


Manuel Rodriguez


Manuel is a Physicist from the National Autonomous University of Honduras, UNAH, and also has a Master’s Degree in geophysics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He has more than ten years of experience in applying geophysical methods, including electrical, seismic, magnetic and remote sensing methods, to geological, geotechnical and environmental projects as well as mineral and groundwater prospecting.

During the last 4 years he has participated in regional groups oriented to the development of geothermal projects, especially in direct uses applications within the central American region.




The drilling team is in charge of designing, planning and executing all tasks related to drilling the various geothermal wells required in a geothermal plant.


Yonatan Castellano


Yonatan is a Petroleum Engineer from Venezuela, with 15 years of experience, having carried out tasks of preparation, planning and implementation of projects for the Oil&Gas and Geothermal industry.

He has operated in countries such as Venezuela, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. He has worked both with leading service companies and operators in the sector such as Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, BP, Shell, Repsol, YPF or Enap, among many others.

He accumulates experience in the formulation of drilling fluids & products for stimulation/drilling of minimally invasive and biodegradable wells, cementing, well control, fishing tools and piping, management of technologies such as casing while drilling, well stimulation, solids control, water treatment & drill cuts and production testing.


Eloy Monasterio


Eloy is a Petroleum engineer from Venezuela, with 17 years of experience in the Oil&Gas and Geothermal industry. Wide knowledge in the optimization and operation of drilling wells as well as hydraulic and directional optimization.

Designing and planning of well drilling parameters including torque and drag, downhole assembly, friction factor, mud drilling, cementing, trajectory design, cost estimation and well execution times. Designing of HPHT wells.

Analysis of loading criteria and mechanical schemes. International experience as well drilling engineer and well designing engineer. Adviser for integrated projects and he ́s been working as a senior engineer for CBM Exploration & Production in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico.



Thermal engineering

The Engineering team is in charge of carrying out the calculations and installing the various elements that make up the thermal plant


Ricardo Bascuñán


Ricardo is a Geographer Civil Engineer, Master in M. Environment and diploma in Project Management in Chile. He has solid training in Engineering, Geosciences, Geothermal energy efficiency and sustainability.

Accounting 12 years of management, coordination and control of projects for the renewable energy sector and mining industries, especially in low and medium enthalpy geothermal energy projects.

He has specific experience in projects of heating systems with geothermal heat pumps for the mining industry, real state and tourism Industries. In Chile, he worked at the project development company GTNLA, a quite relevant consulting company from Germany, specialized in low enthalpy geothermal projects.

Also, Ricardo has skills in planning, supervision, evaluation and implementation of projects, management control, field supervision, management and direction of human and technical teams, instrumentation, field monitoring, data processing and modeling, incorporating in each of the protocols the excellence in processes, safety and environmental sustainability.